Cape May Whale Watcher


Being The Best Isn't Enough

Captain Jeff Stewart, of Cape May Whale Watcher, is a man of few words and knows you need to invest heavily in your company to keep the customers happy. He has passed this down to his son, Captain Jeff Stewart Jr, who came to us with a dream of creating an experience that has some of the latest technology, but is also simple and straight-forward for every level of user.

Website Development

Working with Cape May Whale Watcher was a game changer to us. We say this because we had the opportunity to really get inside a wide array of user's minds. Through user personas, flow charts and interactive wireframes we created something that gave the personification of Cape May Whale Watcher they deserve.

We sat down with Jeff and chatted for 4 hours, learning all about the history and some of his vision about where Cape May Whale Watcher should be in the future. Keeping an open channel of communication and quick prototyping really helped both parties to stay focused on users and goals. We even injected a little extra fun.

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Cape May Whale Watcher Website Design

Dynamic Component Development

Introducing Little Jeff
After learning how the day to day process works we noticed a slight issue with the amount of phone calls that come in every morning asking if the ships were sailing. To make it easier for their customers we decided to build a notification on the homepage to let customers know if the ships were sailing today.

We kept it simple for the user to understand, but it was important to us to make such a mundane task as to toggle yes or no into an experience in itself. This is where Little Jeff comes in. Any time Captain Jeff needs to change the status he tells Little Jeff to change it on his website. Simple, but fun.