Island Girl Charters

Branding + Website + SEO

Experience Like No Other

When Captain Scott Krawiec looks at the ocean he can't help it but see why he was inspired to start up Island Girl Charters. Offering a great sport fishing experience, while living out his dreams, Scott asked Regen Method to help him make it all possible.

Brand Identity

Island Girl Charters was one of those projects that didn't feel like work. We were inspired about how adamant Scott was about Island Girl and how it's not a business, it's a boat. With that in our sites we really pushed to create not a website, but an experience.

Island Girl Charters is a charter boat experience that is not only perfect for the casual outing with friends, but also for the seasoned professionals looking for the next big catch.

A logo that depicts the adventure, an amazing experience with an experienced crew that you will always remember.

Island Girl Charters Logo Design

Website Development

After creating their logo we moved on to the Island Girl Charters website. This website features an integrated Paypal system to book trips and pay for gift certificates. We also noticed they were active with their Facebook channel and integrated their photo albums for everyone to see.

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Search Engine Optimization

Scott later came to us asking what he could do to get his website more exposure on search engines. After assessing the competition and implementing some great SEO techniques we broke page one as the 5th position for Cape May Charters!