Morgan Home & Lawn

Branding + Website

Nothing But Professional Service

Morgan Home & Lawn is a lawn maintenance company that prides itself on professionalism and trust. The owner, Ryan Morgan, is a man of focus and discipline. When talking to Ryan you can't help but sense purpose. This is why Morgan Home & Lawn employees show up to your home wearing uniforms. To show that they will supply you with the highest level of professionalism while maintaining your lawn. We loved this so much we asked Ryan to join the Regen family.

Brand Identity

Morgan Home & Lawn was a project we really wanted to do. Not just to help Ryan pursue his dreams and build his business. We wanted to do this project because we believe in what Ryan stands for. We saw how much his image and service levels meant to him, so we took notes and crafted a brand that could share his passions.

A logo that depicts the owner, a driven individual that knows how to offer a professional lawn care service that is nothing short of the best.

Morgan Home & Lawn Logo Design

Website Development

For Ryan's website we went with a very clean cut design that could be understood at first glance. We also wanted to make sure that when a neighbor sees Morgan Home & Lawn cutting grass that they could pull out their phone and find out how they could take advantage of their great service.

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Morgan Home & Lawn Website Design