Office Equipment Search

Branding + Website + SEO

Keep It Simple For Everyone

When Office Equipment Search came to us we couldn't help but do a freeze frame high five out of excitement. They set on a path to develop a process that not only benefits an equipment vendor, but eliminates the guessing for the user inquiring for information. The only thing they were missing was the presentation of this great system.

Brand Identity

Office Equipment Search is a website where you can find office equipment vendors with reviews and details on each company. A logo that depicts the website, a simplistic experience that empowers customers to connect directly to the vendors.

Website Development

Utilizing the industry knowledge of Tom and Mike, as well as tooling Ryan with a solid front-end, Regen and OES released an experience that has received nothing but praise. The vendors love it and the users couldn't find it any easier.

Search Engine Optimization

Creating an experience that shows your passion for your work and your product helps the customer create an emotional connection that will last forever. Instilling customer loyalty towards you and your brand is our goal on every project.