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Elderly Services With A Heart

It is often a hardship for the elderly to see their primary physician. Dr. Pluta strives with her practice to help the elderly and people in general with better care with in-home services. Her vision is clear and practice drives it home everyday. When we meet Dr. Pluta we knew we could help her with her goal as it was shared with ours.

Website Development

Meeting with Dr. Pluta we were able to witness first hand her passion and love for what she does. This inspired us to help provide a site that would be able to showcase her compassion and passion for her work.

She also wanted to be able to manage and update her content at will, so we jumped to the scene with our new and improved content management system (CMS) that we know was easy to use and robust to handle Schuylkill Medical Associates needs.

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Schuylkill Medical Associates Website Design

Content Management System

Developing a content management system (CMS) that allows the client to control their own website is a challenge. Understanding the customer and how they operate their business and what they are familiar with makes the job much easier. This what we did when crafting the solution for SMA, we knew what current tools they used and built the system to be as simple as their everyday tools.