The Day I Got My Finger Stuck Up My Nose


A Children's Book For Everyone

Every night, when I was a kid, the ritual was that my grandfather would carry me "up the wooden hill", aka the stairs, and my grandmother would tuck me in and open a book. We'd read through every page and sometimes multiple books. These are some the fondest memories I have to date.

I'd always wanted to be a father. I don't know why, maybe I just wanted to tell someone else to eat their broccoli. On August 27th, 2015 I finally became a dad. It's a tough job and I have a lot of help from my wife, but it's very rewarding. Now that my son, Mason, has been able to focus and hold things we have fun picking up books and looking at the pages. So the ritual has begun. My dream is to share this book with other families so they can become close together and start their own nightly rituals.

Character + Branding = <3

This was a tough and fun project. I wrote the book a long time ago, but to really bring it to life I worked with an amazing illustrator by the name of Kirk Wallace. To figure out who our main character was we would put them in situations and figure out how they would react. Questions like, "How old is he/she?" or "If he/she saw a dollar fall out of someone's pocket would he/she say anything or just keep it?"

Once we figured out who he was we named him Wyley. Wyley, is 5-7 years old and is a good kid that can occasionally wander off to explore. Sometimes he gets into trouble, but is always appologetic. With all of these characteristics defined Kirk developed a brand that accomodated the fund and free spirit.

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